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Wishstring charm bracelet (thank you)

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Each charm is hand strung and knotted on 30cm of the finest waxed cotton cord, making a beautiful simple bracelet to tie on as a token of love and friendship. Made by a British Company based in Cumbria.

Each WishStrings bracelet is presented on a beautifully designed card with an inspirational saying, quirky graphics and empowering words, 'THANK YOU' star charm

The bottom of each card reads 'Make a Wish, tie on the bracelet, when the thread wears thin and breaks away, your wish will come true so they say!' Every WishString will also arrived packaged in clear cellophane.

Great to pop in envelope with card, easy to post, a great pick me up gift !

CARD SIZE - 85mm x 55mm x 5mm
BRACELET SIZE - one size fits all (trim to size)