Quietude Soy Wax Jar Candle

Quietude Soy Wax Jar Candle

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'Quietude' meaning  - A state of stillness, calm, and quiet in a person or place.

This calming scent was made with the idea of calming the mind - meditation ,yoga or calming the mind before sleep.

Eucalyptus is uplifting, cleansing and fresh, whilst the use of Lavender softens this scent and provides a sense of calm. Frankincense provides  base note that's grounding and earthy. The overall scent is comforting, pure and luxurious. 

Quietude has a generous scent throw filling a medium sized room in as little as 15 minutes. This candle is great to burn during times of stress or when you feeling anxious.

Made in a recycled glass jar with an aluminium lid, ideal for anyone avoiding single use plastic. Using soy wax and pure essential oils.

Burn time 20 hrs

Volume 120ml 


Having followed this Candle company for a few years on Social Media, I have seen them grow from their kitchen table to a business now pouring, packing and despatching thousands of candles a month.