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Lavender Body Scrub - Vegan

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Soothing, calming and rather heavenly! This lavender moisturising body scrub will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and your senses calm. Hand made in Wales, Vegan friendly products.

This divinely blended body scrub uses a delicate blend of unrefined sea salt (Soil Association certified) and organic extra virgin olive oil combined with soothing organic lavender essential oil.   The fine grain salt gently exfoliates the skin and sloughs away dirt and dead skin cells whilst the olive oil feeds and moisturises the freshly, smooth skin, leaving your skin feeling polished, soft and heavenly.  We use fine grain sea salt for a gentle exfoliant compared to coarse sea salt which tends to be abrasive.

Olive oil contains at least four different types of antioxidant: vitamins A and E, polyphenols, phytosterols and avenasterol to help maintain a healthy body. The antioxidants in olive oil work by neutralising damaging free radicals that can lead to skin aging and skin cancer.   Chlorophyll is also present in olive oil – a photosynthetic pigment found in plants and algae – the life-giving part of the plant. It is an anti-aging substance that promotes the healing of skin conditions and wounds.

For an incredibly beneficial yet also beautifully scented body scrub, we’ve added a few drops of Lavender essential oil.  The lavender flower is yet another of nature’s wonders with its healing benefits being seemingly endless. It is a naturally antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory oil so works to soothe the skin whilst also helping to rid the skin of acne, spots and blemishes and heal within.  This also renders lavender oil excellent for acne, scarring, soothing and calming itchy skin, or indeed skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. It is excellent on sunburnt skin and equally so for oily skin. It even acts as an insect repellent.