Small Candle Jar - Clementine & Clove

Small Candle Jar - Clementine & Clove

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As the nights are drawing in and we have more hours spent in darkness , why not light a candle and get a cosy feeling in your home, as well as a wonderful aroma.

These candles are truly amazing, named the 'Half Light' this jar candle is scented with Clementine and Clove, and is truly the smell of Christmas in a jar.

The candle is in an amber glass jar, which glows beautifully when lit, this small jar has 20 hrs burn time, 120ml. You can also reuse the jar when the candle has been used.

Their candles are 100% soy wax flakes, and essential oils, every single candle is still made by hand from beginning to end. 

Having followed this company for a few years on Social Media, I have seen them grow from their kitchen table to a business now pouring, packing and despatching thousands of candles a month.