Barmouth Breeze Wax Melt (Small burner) Gift Set
Barmouth Breeze Wax Melt (Small burner) Gift Set

Barmouth Breeze Wax Melt (Small burner) Gift Set

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In this gift set you will get a small ceramic burner  and 2 handmade wax melt bars. Just snap off a piece from the bar and place on your burner. Light an unscented tea light (which is included) and place in the burner. You can choose the colour of the burner and style (below).

Each wax bar is handmade in North Wales using soy wax . All the fragrances are vegan friendly and are not tested on animals.

Decorated with bio-degradable glitters and botanicals before being packed in biodegradable cellulose.

All our wax melts are in the form of a bar, approx 50g each. They are designed to give over 50 hours burn time when used correctly. 

The two fragrance wax melt bars in this set are:

  • Barmouth Breeze  - this one is named especially for us. A delightful blend, this wax melt bursts open with fresh lily of the valley. It then mingles with subtle velvet roses and white jasmine which completes the complex fragrance with a base of earthy patchouli and enchanting musks.
  • Spicy Vanilla Swirls- Rich vanilla combined with almonds and white sugar with hints of raspberry and coconut.

 Ceramic Burner is 8cms tall and 7cm wide.