Why Luvit loves Roka

 Their funky colours and stylish but functional design make them easily recognisable. But what makes them so special?

It's what are they made of?

Most of the Roka bags we stock at Luvit are from the Roka Sustainable range. They are made using 12 to 15 recycled bottles found on beaches. 

Living by the sea, I'm painfully aware of the amount of plastic that gets washed up on our much loved beaches. It makes me happy to know that plastic is being recycled to some sort of practical use.

And it's how they are made?

Production involves using less energy than traditional methods. In fact, Roka use

  • 85% less energy
  • 80% less water and
  • 65% fewer emissions than traditional methods. 
  • And all their bags are vegan friendly. No animal products are used.
  • They also use cornstarch-based, biodegradable packaging.

And it's their practical design?

Roka have focused on functionality. Their rucksacks are

  • lightweight but durable.
  • the external material is triple -coated, weather resistant
  • they have a padded canvas at the bottom of each bag to provide more support and durability
  • the straps are adjustable and are made of cotton-webbing to provide comfort and durability.

And they look Grrrreat

The design, the on trend colours and the comprehensive choice mean you'll always turn heads whilst wearing one.

See Luvit's range of Roka Bags here