Hello to you! Twenty Twenty Two

Happy New year!!! Hope you all enjoyed your festive time/rest/break and are ready to head into 2022. 

My little shop is closed throughout January - time to recharge my batteries, after the busiest season I've had since opening 12 years ago. Thank you.

Seeking inspiration through reorganising Luvit Shop in Barmouth

It also gives me a chance to rejig the shop and do any jobs that can only be done whilst closed. 

One of my favourite thing to do this month is to look for new products and makers for the coming year.

I usually go to trade shows in London and the Midlands. They are a good source of inspiration on new trends, display ideas.

I even use them to source new products and suppliers ;-). 

However, most have been cancelled or postponed this year and, besides, I'm not too keen on being in that sort of environment at this point. So instead I'm relying on Pinterest and Instagram for shop display ideas and scouring the internet for some new ranges and small makers. 


Today the sun was shining and I was in need of a bit of me time. I took myself off for a walk alone.

I headed for the small woodland nature reserve called The Wern. It's been a while since I walked down there. Although it was lacking in greenery and flowers, it was lovely to hear the stream and the birds singing. Nature really does help lift the mood. 

The landlocked boat on The Wern in Barmouth


I then headed for the beach. It was a beautiful blue sky day, the waves were gently rolling onto the beach. I had the beach to myself with only a few dog walkers about, it was just what I needed today ……

Me and Bermo Moai on Barmouth beach
I find a walk on the beach a great way of clearing my mind and resetting my day. In fact, a walk anywhere in nature generally does the trick for me.
I'll use views like this to inspire me with new ideas for what will undoubtedly be another busy year in Barmouth.
Barmouth Beach January 2022
Looking forward to seeing you soon.