Luvit's Autumn 21 Window Display

I always enjoy redesigning Luvit's window display. In fact as a teenager I harboured a secret desire to be a professional window dresser. So, in many ways, Luvit has allowed me to live my dream! 

Owena at Luvit in Barmouth applying the finishing touches to her Autumn 2021 window display

The Autumn window is both easy and difficult. There are so many strong themes and colours associated with this time of year its quite easy to come up with ideas. But you may end up looking a little cliched if you don't add a few variations to your theme.

One of my favourite shops is Anthropologie. I am not their biggest customer but I do love visiting their stores and taking in the way they display items and the themes, styles and colours they use. I'm not sure whether I've managed to communicate any of their vibe though.

So, I have used some dried flowers in my display this year. Specifically Allium. These have naturally dried as we have drifted out of summer. I picked them on one of my walks

Dried flowers collected on my one of my Barmouth walks


For the display, I have combined the dried autumnal flowers I collected, with stock that reflects the warm autumnal colours. Some of the items in the window include

I am quite pleased. What do you think?

Luvit's Autumn 2021 Window Display in Barmouth