Luvit is 12 Years old this year !!

I can’t quite believe that our winter break is over already. We have just reopened for what will be our 12th year here at Luvit!! 

With Eunice sweeping through the country a few weeks ago, we were lucky there was not much damage to Barmouth, although the promenade had its usual battering from the high tides and winds. It brought down some of the stone wall on the far end of the prom, but that's not unusual at this time of year.

Barmouth is slowly coming out of hibernation. Businesses and cafes are opening up again, which I love to see.  It can be pretty gloomy during the Winter when most things are closed up for a break. The sun has been shining the past few days, and it is beginning to feel a bit more like Spring.

Have you visited during this time? It is such a contrast to the buzzing Summer season. 

Barmouth Bridge mugs at Luvit

These Barmouth Bridge mugs are always popular. The maker, Josie, lives in North Wales and makes her art using textiles to create a scene. She then photographs it and adds it to different products. We stock a range of cards, coasters and calendars from the same artist, they always sell out quickly. Make a great quirky gift for anyone who loves Barmouth.

We also have done some re-jigging in the shop and created some new displays. If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook you will of seen what we have been up to.

Signs of Spring are now visible, the days are getting lighter, a bit more sunshine would be nice though!!! Hopefully it won't be too long now before we start to get some warmer days, giving us all something to look forward to.

Looking forward to seeing all this coming season!!