AT LAST, some time to focus on some important work

Soooo, at last I was going to learn to program. 

Three months to train my brain to become one of the greatest digital minds of the millennium. By the end of lockdown I would be Zoom calling Bill (Gates) and advising Jeff (Bezos) on databases. It was gonna be sooo easy.

So I bought a new computer (new to me, secondhand on eBay), I researched courses, I downloaded books, I put on a clean shirt and started to learn.

Three pages in and I remembered I needed to catch up on my accounting. I loathed accounting. I had a lifelong passion to avoid it whenever possible, but largely found that stance incompatible with being self-employed. 

Ok, so I would nail my accounts first before focusing on the programming. After all, there were only 3 businesses and countless months to catch up on. With my laser focus I’d have it nailed in days.

In fact, I had so much time, and the weather was so gorgeous, maybe, just maybe, I should also take the time to plough through my pile of unread books whilst spending quality time with the family. After all, it was the first time in a decade that we were all under one roof for longer than a weekend.

It will be rewarding to come out of lockdown with a sharper, more educated mind. Over the last few months I had acquired a number of different titles that I had barely glanced at. “Wolf Hall” was top of my pile. After all darling, it was voted number 1 by the Guardian in the books of the 21st century.

One chapter along and my mind was wandering. The language is not as easy as dear old Enid. I’m definitely losing my ability to concentrate. How about Thinking Fast and Slow? Another recommended read and maybe it will change my way of thinking. 

A week in and it’s having an effect but the print is so small its screwing with my eyesight! I need the large print hardback edition. Ebay?

Maybe with a bit of planning I could get it all done. I’ve never been very good at time management. I’ve practiced Getting Things Done with David Allen. Eaten the Frog with Mr Tracy. Downloaded and trialed the Pomodoro apps. Created a plethora of lists in Trello. But my To Do list seems longer than ever.

By spending a couple of days looking for the ultimate task management program I should be able to get on top of all this. It will be time well spent.